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I’m STILL trying to Work It Out…

After what felt like a lifetime, I moved on to State College from my long attendance at community college and of course my many “gym” elective classes. I was now a small fish in a big pond. I had to find my niche and fast. Kids at State here were much more strong minded not […]

East Los Meets L Lingo

The best part of having “me-needs-lot-o-attention-onia” is the ability to infect others with the disease as well. If done correctly I have been know to infect a whole room. This was never more evident than the bizarre series of events that landed me at a party in EAST LA (to residents Eeeeast Los). Funny. I […]

The reinvention of Leah Marie Sadowski

I have never wanted to be me. Not for a split second. Not that living the glamorous life of a child from¬†Minnesota¬†isn’t something that we all wouldn’t have bragging rights to, but I have always had this sense that there was something that was missing. This isn’t something I just came up with on the […]

Monkey Business

Life is funny sometimes. Not funny “Ha-Ha” but rather more like the ironic way that things are played out. It’s “funny” how life just has a way of turning you upside down and shaking you by your ankles until you scream “Uncle!”. You may not realize that you behave a certain way in life but […]